Paws of War

Paws of War


Paws of war is a Real-time Strategy game with a cartoony theme. You play as a team of animals defending their forest from intruders. This was my second game while working with the Tricycle Cavalry group.

Specifications: School project; 5 weeks.
Team size: 23 (5 Level designers, 7 Artists, 5 Programmers, 6 Technical Artists)

My contributions:
Level Design
Level Scripting (XML)
Terrain creation.
Set dressing.
Game Design, Mechanics


In this project we decided to try and work very iteratively with our level design. We knew we didn´t have enough time to create a large number of maps. The way we did this was that we all designed a couple of maps each, and then we meet up and discussed them and what could be improved or removed. We continued this process for about two weeks to really perfect the maps.

When this process was done we decided together which map to continue working on and do a full preproduction on. Fortunately for me that was my map, “Ruin”.

Ruin is set in a vivid and colorful autumn forest, divided by two rivers which creates two naturally strategical spawn points. The forest is filled with old ruins and structures of an old civilization.


Once we had nailed the topdown and flow, the next step was to start a full preproduction on the map. Together with a level artist we planned everything from location, theme, lightning to environmental story and tools of guiding the player.
Once the preproduction was done I used my topdown map as a base to start creating the heightmap for the terrain.
For the terrain creation I went back and forth between Cryengine 3, Photoshop and World Machine.
I continued this by using Photoshop to create a basic terrain texture that included all the important locations and main roads. Which I then handed over to an artist to create a more detailed version.

I used Maya as a level editor with the help of tools made by our Technical Artists. I imported the terrain into Maya and started set-dressing the map with props.


During play testing it became clear that a large part of the map wasn´t being used. Players mostly attacked the northern parts of the map where two bases were located close to each other. To solve this I added a fourth base close to the bottom. This worked great and the location became more attractive for players.

PawsOfWarPlaytestingRTS_ReleaseCandidate 2014-03-04 10-07-32-41RTS_ReleaseCandidate 2014-03-04 10-08-16-49RTS_ReleaseCandidate 2014-03-04 10-07-19-33