Tommys Nightmare


Tommy´s Nightmare

Tommy´s Nightmare is a Turn Based Strategy game.
The game tells the story about a small boy named Tommy who have just fallen asleep, in order for him to wake up out of his nightmare, he has to make his way to the top floor and into his bed again while at the same time avoiding the monster. This journey will take him through the nightmare version of his own house, meanwhile tirelessly being chased by the monster.

This was our fourth game project while attending The Game Assembly.


Specifications: School project; 4 weeks.
Team size: 7 (3 Level designers, 4 Artists, 3 Programmers)

My contributions:
Level Design
Game Design, Mechanics
Level Scripting (XML)
Sound, Music



Our plan was to create a Turn based game where you had to think in advance, play tactical, place out traps and distractions for the monster, and always be one step ahead of the monster that was chasing you.

My work process consisted of creating top down levels in photoshop, this includes room layout, prop placement, traps, counting steps and playing through them in my mind and on paper to make sure you had several different tactical choices and ways to go through the level.