The One Percent


The One Percent


The one percent is a 2D Shoot em´up game focusing on satirical and twisted humour, massive guns and hordes of enemies. This was our third game project while attending The Game Assembly.
Specifications: School project; 4 weeks.
Team size: 10 (3 Level designers, 4 Artists, 3 Programmers)


My contributions:
Level Design
Game Design, Mechanics
Level Scripting(XML)
Event Scripting (XML)
Voiceacting, Sound

Work process

My process consisted of doing preproduction on certain areas of the city together with my other level designers. We divided the city intro three areas, Old town, New town, Park.

Once the preproduction was done we started getting art assets from the artists. This early in the project we didn´t have a finished XML level system to start scripting the levels.

So we started building the levels as topdown maps using photoshop as a level editor, this worked out well seeing as the art was completely in 2D or rendered out in 2D from maya

Eventually we started building our city using XML to place everything by hand, everything from buildings to road decals, to lampposts.

At this time the programmers had managed to create a system that distorts 2D planes to give it a 3D effect. So we also started building together houses in “3D” and making sure everything distorted the right amount etc. Some things we made in fake “3D” was houses, lampposts, trees.