Spacetime Deliveries


Spacetime Deliveries

Spacetime Deliveries is an old school Point and Click adventure game set on a fairytale planet. The player controls Dave, a space-delivery boy that has crashed on a fairytale planet. The game is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, inspired by old fairytale books.This was our second game project while attending The Game Assembly.

Specifications: School project; 4 weeks.
Team size: 10 (3 Level designers, 4 Artists, 3 Programmers)


My contributions:
Level Design
Game Design, Mechanics
Event Scripting (XML)

Work process

Our plan was to create a classical adventure game with interesting characters, puzzles, and humor. And to wrap it together the setting would be a mix of fantasy and sci-fi.
My work process consisted of planning the story together with my other level design classmates, this included everything from characters you meet, environments and progression.
Once we were done with the preproduction planning, we sat down and drew sketches of basic storyboards to show the artists what had to be in the images, such as main roads and obstacles etc.

After we had a rough story outlined, we started planning the actual game environments in more detail. What puzzles were the player going to face, what exact dialogue were needed, where and how would the player progress through the level.
Once all the preproduction planning was done we handed everything to the artists which then created 3D scene in maya based on our storyboards and planning. They then rendered them out as 2D images to be used in game.

We then took the 2D images of the level and made black and white maps that determined where the actual playable area was in the level. After that we started scripting using a custom made XML-based scripting language. We used this to script the entire game, including things like triggers, objects, puzzles as well as dialogue.