One Day At The Office


One day at the office is an old school Text Adventure game with hand painted images, set inside the headquarters of a shady corporation. The game tells the story about a man and his journey to find his purpose.

Specifications: School project; 4 weeks.
Team size: 7 (2 level designers, 2 programmers, 3 artists)

My contributions:
Level and puzzle design
Dialogue and character writing


My work process consisted of coming up with interesting locations that would suit the theme, and turning them into playable rooms which included, level design (puzzles), room layout, object placement.

The way I did this was to use photoshop to create top down layouts of each room where I then decided where the player entered and what he saw(his Field of View), where and when the player could progress (usually through puzzles or dialogue), object placement, characters you meet.

I also wrote detailed user-story´s explaining in detail exactly what the player saw in each room, where the doors were, objects, hints etc.

I then handed the top down layout and the detailed user story to the artists which based on the theme and room layout made a sketch with all the important items and entrances/exits included and then used their own artistic talent to make it look interesting.

During this process I kept working iteratively with the artists to make sure all the key items and main paths were always clear and intuitive for the player.

The last thing I did to finish up the game, was to type in all the game dialogue, including puzzle and character dialogue.



This was a truly rewarding project to work on. Since this was my first actual game I have been a part of creating. I didn´t quite know what to expect. But I was amazed at how much we could create using only text and images. Some people might argue that the knowledge of a text based game isn´t applicable on modern games, but I disagree.

We managed to create a really unique and immersive story. Told through subtle hints and clues, and I can´t tell you how proud I am of what we accomplished.