Cormorant is a 3D Space shooter game. The game was developed by our group called Tricycle Cavalry, this is our first game working together. The Tricycle Cavalry team consists of 5 level designers, 7 artists, 5 programmers, 6 Technical Artists.
This was our fifth game project while attending The Game Assembly and the first one to be fully made in 3D.

Specifications: School project; 5 weeks.
Team size: 23 (5 Level designers, 7 Artists, 5 Programmers, 6 Technical Artists)

My contributions:
Level Design
Game Design, Mechanics
Level Scripting (XML)
Event Scripting (XML)


My work process consisted of doing preproduction planning on the levels. Starting with basic gameplay ideas, figuring out a believable story background for each mission, environments and how to make our different maps different from one another even though they are all in space.

I took all that and started making topdown levels of where the mission objectives would be, where the player would have to fight enemies or avoid them, fly through or around obstacles etc.

The task of creating level design in space proved to be a real interesting challenge, where you had to work with other means such as enemy waves from certain directions, mission objectives/design to guide the player.

Once I was happy with how the level was going to pan out, I started building them in 3D, using maya as a level editor. Using a maya tool that our technical artists made I exported the level from maya into XML.

Once the 3D work was done. I started Event Scripting using XML to forge the level together and make it playable. Scripting missions, enemies, dialogue.

I´m really pleased with what our group managed to create in such a short time, and I learned a lot about level designing with different methods.